New Vernon NJ Residence

With endless possibilities for what was once a boxed-in attic space, this master bath is suddenly the focal point of the house. Satomi combines indulgent features with organic touches such as natural stones and recycled glass tiles for classic appeal that doesn’t yield to obvious trends.

Luxury and elegance call out from the spa-like retreat in this New Vernon, New Jersey home. This re-designed master bath combines the functional form of chrome finished fixtures with the regal look of Calacatta marble. With persistent attention to detail, Satomi chose heated floors and a soaking tub to complete the indulgent qualities of the space.

This unique, oval-shaped vessel sink is the focal point for this re-designed attic bathroom. Satomi combined the traditional element of the natural Calacatta marble countertop with modern bathroom fixtures and lighting, creating a classic-modern look. Natural light pours through the newly added skylight. The contrast of the chocolate brown wall against the soft tones of the marble brings warmth to this contemporary, master bath.