Color Consultation

Satomi has studied color theory both in the United States and in Japan.  Growing up on Japan’s Kyushu Island, Satomi was surrounded by the rich colors of the four-season forests and Asagi-Iro (blue-green); the Sea of Japan.  Coupled with the colors of nature, Satomi was immersed in Japanese art and craft culture where subtle, nuanced use of color is the order. From the age of four, Satomi studied Shodo, the traditional art of Japanese calligraphy; here she learned how to appreciate the technique of expression in monochromatic color schemes (tints, tones, and shades of a single hue). She also worked with Sumi-soot ink colors to express any color palette within.

In addition to studying and living in both the United States and Japan, Satomi has traveled throughout Canada, Hungary, Austria, Chezh Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and the Caribbean countries.  Throughout her travels, she has been influenced by the colors specific to each culture, environment, and surroundings.

Creating the right color palette can be an overwhelming undertaking; whether you wish to create a calm and relaxing space using natural-based color schemes, or you are looking for bold, pop accent statements to showcase your charms.  Satomi firmly believes that designing and executing a lasting color palette requires personal, in-home assessment and color consultation. The current fad to create color schemes via online consultation cannot fully address the client’s neighborhood, home setting, architecture, lighting, and furnishings; nor can it properly address each unique family and their design preferences. When Satomi visits a space, she will address all of these important physical elements along with addressing your family’s unique lifestyle and preferences.

In order to create a meaningful and lasting color palette, a minimum appointment time is required based on the number of rooms and the complexity/scale of the space. YZDA Color Consultation is currently available in the state of New Jersey along with New York and Japan.