Denver CO Residence

This Colorado residence pays homage to the Italian Villa with a sun-washed color scheme and subtle wall finishes that add depth to the spaces. The region’s bright natural light is artfully controlled with adjustable window treatments and completed by layers of interior lighting that provide both functional and ambient illumination.

The soft leather chair, a treasured memento of the client’s days as a White House cabinet member, was the starting point for a small room off the foyer that serves as both an informal reception area and a welcoming place for family and close friends to gather. Floor-to-ceiling draperies create an elegant backdrop for the baby grand piano. Dramatic lighting showcases an antique wood panel from Africa as a stunning piece of art.  A sophisticated golden almond color was created for the powder room to complement a mature palette. Inspired by the semolina wheat grasses in the field of Tuscany, the bathroom was transformed into a relaxing retreat.