Princeton NJ Residence

Satomi’s paramount goal for this design was to create an elegant and glamorous living space that would also remain comfortable for a busy professional couple.

Careful layering of tonal colors and textured fabrics along with glamourous, custom furniture profiles were the focus for the project. The color palette developed for the client was based around soft blue-green contrasted with warm and cool beige-grey colors and a hint of pearlescent accent yarns. In order to successfully integrate the existing medium-tone wood flooring in her design, Satomi brought in contrasting dark and custom grey wood finishes. She also chose lighter-color performance upholstery fabrics and leather and beautifully contrasted them with patterned and embroidered fabrics. Satomi also introduced lively Indian spice colors such as Clove, Split Pea and Yellow Granadilla to bring all rooms together. Artfully scaled and crafted millwork was an essential detail in each room.

In addition to executing the entire furniture and decoration design, Satomi also updated all wall colors and finishes specifically to suit the client’s lifestyle and vision within the original goal of creating an elegant, yet casual space that convenes in perfect harmony.  The rooms evoke understated elegance in an atmosphere that is meaningful and personal to the client.