Chatham NJ Residence

When the client approached Satomi about designing their dining room and living room, Satomi had an immediate connection to the client and the private hillside setting of their home in Chatham NJ. Satomi paid thoughtful attention to maintaining an airy, uncluttered design to compliment the mid-century modern architecture of the home. Inspired by the natural colors of evergreens, moss, citrus fruit, and deep water, Satomi layered this color palate against clean, white walls and ceilings to create a fresh, modern space. The unaltered colors of natural American black walnut, Carrara marble, and porcelain tiles designed by a well-known Japanese designer for the fireplace help to bring a cozy warmth into the space. While the living room was designed to meet the client’s desire to have an ideal space for entertaining adults, attention was also given to making the space comfortable for the family’s two children and their playful pets. Unobtrusive window coverings add an understated architectural element throughout both rooms. The use of the grand scale floor lamp in the dining room does not distract from the original ceiling design yet provides a wonderful grounding of the room. The mid-century modern-inspired wallpaper along with the sculptural elements of the pendant fixtures and wall sconces are all key elements of the dining room design. The client’s collection of wood prints and other artwork was fully integrated in the project design.